Toxiclaw #27
Screen shot 2012-05-04 at 5.07.36 PM
First appearance Trust
Special Move TBD
Variations Toxiclaw
Surge Toxiclaw
Power TBD
Controller Medea
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon eklipse med Eklipse

Toxiclaw is an Eklipse Monsuno. Its Controller is Medea. It resembles a crab.


Toxiclaw is Medea's second Monsuno.


Monsuno: World Master

Toxiclaw debuted in Trust, where Medea used it when Darkspin ambushed Team Core-Tech. It dominated the battlefield and easily defeated Glowblade, but was eventually beaten by the combined efforts of Lock and Goldhorn.

In Remembrance, it participated in the battle against Team Core-Tech while also trying to capture Jeredy Suno. Toxiclaw and all of the other Darkspin Monsunos were eventually defeated when Lock destroyed the bridge where the battle was fought, causing the Monsunos to fall down to the river below.





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