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The Strike Launcher is a product that can launch one Core into battle. It can come in Core-Tech or S.T.O.R.M. and there is soon to be released Eklipse colors.


Maximize your Monsuno Power and Control with the Monsuno Strike Launcher. Squeeze to launch Core (sold separatedly) with animation-inspired lights and greater spin speed and accuracy.

  • Monsuno Strike Launcher with squeeze launch-activated lights!
  • Perfect your spin and accuracy!
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Monsuno: World Master

The Strike Launcher debuted in Appleseeds, where Jeredy Suno tossed it and Evo's Core down to Chase after the latter's fall and Lock's defeat. Chase then used the Strike Launcher to launch Evo into battle, where it helped defeat Darkspin.

In Deceit, Chase used his Strike Launcher once again to launch Evo into battle, though this time it was against S.T.O.R.M.

In Trust, Jon Ace used the S.T.O.R.M. Strike Launcher to launch Goldhorn into battle against Darkspin.

In Shadow, Hargrave used the Eklipse Strike Launcher to launch Shadowhornet and has been used in all of Hargrave's battles.

In Lost, Chase used his Strike Launcher in conjunction with his new Strike Glove to launch Nitestone directly at a rock several feet away.

In Wellspring, Chase used his Strike Launcher to launch Nitestone into battle against Backslash and Driftblade.

In Life, Dax used his own Strike Launcher to launch Airswitch, and then Chase used his Strike Launcher to launch Lock at S.T.O.R.M. Fighters.

In Remembrance, Chase used his Strike Launcher in conjunction with his Strike Glove to launch Lock straight at Toxiclaw.

In Assault, Charlemagne used a Strike Launcher to launch Blackbullet, with Chase using his Strike Launcher to launch Evo directly after that. Chase then used his Strike Launcher again to launch Babeon.





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