Season Monsuno: Combat Chaos, Episode 6
Air date May, 26, 2013
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Six is the sixth episode of Monsuno: Combat Chaos and the thirty-second episode of Monsuno. It first aired on May 26th, 2013.


Dr. Klipse reveals his latest experiment, Number 6 (a teenage clone of himself), and sends him out to destroy Team Core-Tech. While out hunting Punk Monks, Chase and the others discover Six and invite him along (unaware of who he truly is). Meanwhile, Chase has visions of his mother in some kind of warning. While battling the Punk Monks, Six is forced to choose between his father or his new friends. He picks his father, and Chase has to use a double Monsuno attack to win. The others are mad, but Chase understands Six was only trying to help his "father" and lets Six walk...this time.

Character Debuts

Monsuno Debuts

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  • This was the first time a naked character was drafted onto the show, though, Six's private parts are not shown, because it's a kid's show and anime.


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Mon32 @

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