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Shadow Quickforce #67
Shadow quickforce
First appearance TBA
Special Move Shadow Blind Wing
Variations Quickforce
Elemental Quickforce
Shadow Quickforce
Power TBD
Controller Bren
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon core med Core-Tech

Shadow Quickforce is a Core-Tech Monsuno and the Shadow variation of Quickforce.



  • Air shriek
  • Aurora barrage
  • Energy wave
  • Horn slam
  • Power fortress
  • Light barrage
  • Dispersion blast
  • Ring cannon
  • Blind wing
  • Binding blast
  • Crysral headbutt
  • Engery Horn
  • Mach missile
  • Strobe Shock
  • Strobe shot
  • Spiked horn
  • Elemental horn
  • Chest cannon
  • mega wing
  • Wing blast
  • Elemental shield
  • Power forcefield




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