Monsuno Episode 7 Mirriors Title
Season Monsuno: Combat Chaos, Episode 7
Air date June, 2, 2013
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Mirrors is the seventh episode of Monsuno: Combat Chaos and the thirty-third episode of Monsuno. It first aired on June 2nd, 2013.


When Chase wakes up alone in a strange, apocalyptic landscape, he's freaked out. He's even more freaked out when he finds himself battling a Clone Monsuno of Lock! Chase is absorbed by some greenish Shadow-Ghost becoming the enemy as the rest of Team Core-Tech must get to the bottom of this mystery. They must work to save our planet from being exploded and destroyed by the Monsuno Essence at the Earth's core. Beyal must choose between the lives of all Monsunos and the lives of his friends. He pushes the button destroying all Monsuno Essence...and all Monsunos...thus saving the world from destruction! Luckily, this wasn't real. It all takes place in Virtual Reality created by Dr. Jeredy Suno. But, could our team destroy all Monsuno Essence in real reality? Tough call.

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