Season Monsuno: Combat Chaos, Episode 8
Air date June, 9, 2013
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Lynchpin is the eighth episode of Monsuno: Combat Chaos and the thirty-fourth episode of Monsuno. It first aired on June 9th, 2013.


Dr. Klipse is after Lock as the Lynchpin. Jeredy must tell Chase why Lock is so special. It was the way the Core was designed...and Jeredy put in a strand of Chase's hair. Chase and Lock are like brothers! Lock is the one Monsuno to bridge the gap between humanity and Monsuno. He's the only hope they have to truly keep Monsuno Essence from destroying the planet. Chase asks how? Jeredy doesn't it, scientific intuition. Unfortunately, Dr. Klipse sets a trap using Six as bait with Dom Pyro and Hargrave up his sleeve for good measure to steal Lock and exact revenge on Chase and Team Core-Tech in an epic battle.

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