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Elemental Lock #22
Lock Elemental 580 1
First appearance Endgame
Special Move Burning Moons
Variations Lock
Lock 2.0
Elemental Lock
Elemental Lock (Version 2)
Elemental Lock (Version 3)
Shadow Lock
Morph Lock
Surge Lock
Crystal Lock
Gold Lock
Blue Lock
Lock (Prototype)
Gold Lock (Japan promo)
Lock (gold version)
Fusion Lock
Elemental Fusion Lock
Phantom Fusion Lock
Elemental Fusion Lock (Version 2)
Phantom Lock
Power 20
Controller Chase Suno
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon core med Core-Tech

Elemental Lock is a Core-Tech Monsuno and the Elemental variation of Lock. Its diamonds on its front legs and back are red.


Chase's first and most powerful Monsuno Lock, super powered with "Elemental Energy", causing its attacks and look to be more ferocious and powerful than ever!


Monsuno: World Master

Elemental Lock made a minor appearance in Endgame when Lock used the special move Burning Moons to receive Elemental Lock's red coloration.

Special Moves

  • Burning Moons





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