Driftblade 2.0 #N/A
Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 9.38.58 PM
First appearance Rising
Special Move TBD
Variations Driftblade
Driftblade 2.0
Shadow Driftblade
Crystal Driftblade
Fusion Driftblade
Phantom Fusion Driftblade
Elemental Fusion Driftblade
Power TBD
Controller Commandant Marshall Charlemagne
Faction (Faction of this battler) Icon storm med S.T.O.R.M.

Driftblade 2.0 is a S.T.O.R.M. Monsuno and the combined form of Driftblade and Blackbullet. Its Controller is Commandant Marshall Charlemagne.



Monsuno: World Master

Driftblade 2.0 debuted in Rising, where it emerged from the debris caused by the Fusion Core Reactor's explosion and proceeded to fight both Lock 2.0 and Backslash 2.0. Driftblade and Backslash were then led into space by Lock and were defeated when the Core-Tech Monsuno charged straight at them, with Driftblade returning to its Core.

At an unspecified time between Rising and Flash, Driftblade 2.0 split into Driftblade and Blackbullet once more.



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