Season Monsuno: World Master, Episode 1
Air date February, 23, 2012
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Clash is the first episode of Monsuno: World Master. It first aired on February 23, 2012 on Nicktoons in the United States.


Chase Suno and his two best friends Bren and Jinja arrive at one of Jeredy Suno's laboratories. Chase's father has gone missing, and Chase is looking for clues. Chase gets the Core and in the ensuing struggle, a desperate Chase "spins" Lock into existence from this fully-loaded Core.

Character Debuts

Monsuno Debuts

Monsuno Seen


  • The episode was written by Michael Ryan, while the storyboarding was by Yoshiaki Okumura, directed by Keiji Kawaniji, and animation direction by Tomoko Iwasa.
  • This episode explains the basic origins of Monsuno, Cores, how they work and gameplay elements.

Changes to Japanese Version

  • For the Japanese version, the episode was renamed "Lock! (Key)" (ロック!(鍵) Rokku! (kagi)).
  • The scene in which the earth explodes and Chase sees a green aura during his dream, has been cut. The scene, instead transitions directly into Chase waking up as the meteor lands, with Chase being caught in the explosion.



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