Season Monsuno: Combat Chaos, Episode 2
Air date April, 28, 2013
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Bang is the second episode of Monsuno: Combat Chaos and the twenty-eighth episode of Monsuno. It first aired on April 28th, 2013.


Chase and Team Core-Tech must stop Professor Tallis and his Forge Resistance from their ultimate plan... to put a Mega Wild Core Bomb on a rocket and fly it into Westward City. Millions of innocent lives will be lost unless our heroes can stop them! After intense fighting, Bren launches Neo-Quickforce and saves the day on the ground while Chase puts himself in the rocket in order to jettison the bomb harmlessly into space… only to return to earth in the arms of Lock, his Monsuno... the protective shield barely holding as they burn back down and crash land near the city they just saved.

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Mon28 @ AnimeRatio22:41

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