Auto Strike Multi-Launcher is an upgraded version of the regular Strike Launcher. Unlike the regular Strike Launcher, however, it can shoot five Cores at the same time with light and sound effects.

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Reap ultimate spinning chaos on the battlefield with the Monsuno Auto Strike Multi-Launcher. Multi-Launcher rapid fires up to five Cores (sold separately) with launch activated lights!

• Monsuno Multi-Launcher launches up to five Monsuno Cores (sold separately) in rapid-fire succession

• Pull back lever and fire!


Monsuno: World Master

The Auto Strike Multi-Launcher debuted in Courage, where it was used by Commander Trey to launch Riccoshot and has been used in all of Trey's battles.

In Deceit, Commandant Marshall Charlemagne used an Auto Strike Multi-Launcher to launch six S.T.O.R.M. Monsuno during a training exercise.

In Remembrance, Medea used the Eklipse version of the Auto Strike Multi-Launcher to launch both Poisonwing and Toxiclaw into battle.

Monsuno: Combat Chaos

In Flash, Drezz used the Forge version of the Auto Strike Multi-Launcher to launch both X-100 and Afterburn into battle.




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